Distinctive Collection
Distinctive Superior
Distinctive Expand
Distinctive Enhanced
Distinctive Debut

Varilux X Series
Varilux E Series
Varilux Physio 3.0
Varilux Digitime

Eyezen Start
Eyezen Initial
Eyezen Active
Eyezen Active+

Crizal Prevencia
Crizal Rock
Crizal EC



SEE Series
SeeMax Ultimate
SeeMax Emblematic
Presio Power Infinite
Presio Inspire

e-LIFE Series NEO
Home & Office NEO
Online Wide NEO

Nikon Single Vision
SeeMax Infinite
Relaxsee NEO Series
Smart Boost


Zeiss Individual Lenses
Zeiss Progressive Individual 2
Zeiss Single Vision Individual

Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses
Zeiss Progressive DriveSafe Individual
Zeiss SV DriveSafe Individual

Zeiss EnergizeMe
Zeiss Progressive EnergizeMe
Zeiss SV EnergizeMe

Myopia Management Lens
Zeiss MyoVision Pro Individual
Zeiss MyoKids Individual

Zeiss Treatments
Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect UV
Zeiss DuraVision Platinum UV



Hoya Progressives
iD MyStyle 2
iD LifeStyle 3
Array 2

Hoya Premium Single Vision
iD Single Vision


Transitions Signature GEN 8
Dark Outdoors, Clear Indoors
Transitions Grey
Transitions Brown
Transitions Graphite Green

Transitions Style Colors
Dark Outdoors, Clear Indoors
Transitions Style Emerald
Transitions Style Sapphire
Transitions Style Amethyst
Transitions Style Amber

Transitions XTRActive
Extra dark outdoors, Slight tint indoors.
XTRActive Grey
XTRActive Brown
XTRActive Graphite Green

Transitions Vantage
Dark with Polarized Outdoors, Slight tint indoors.
Vantage Grey

Transitions Drivewear
Adapts to changing light conditions
Olive Green to Copper to Brown

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