FL-41 Migraine Relief Glasses

FL-41 is a specialty filter designed specifically for people who suffer from migraines and/or have light sensitivity. FL-41 can be added to any type of lenses when you are purchasing new lenses.

Research shows FL-41 lenses:

  • Reduce migraine attacks
  • Relieve light sensitivity
  • Protect against fluorescent and other harmful blue light

FL-41 works by filtering out certain wavelengths of blue light that is particularly bothersome to patients with light sensitivity in conditions such as migraine. There are many sources of this particular wavelength of blue light such as fluorescent lights and digital devices. By blocking out this ‘unwanted’ light, FL-41 is proven to provide painful light sensitivity relief and reduce migraine attacks.

NEW: FL-41 specialty filter lenses are now available in Custom Clip-on.

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